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Daniela Rivera

Marketing Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Dani, and I'm a proud native of Costa Rica from the stunning region of San Jose. As a child, I always dreamt of living near the sun and the beach, a dream that felt distant in the colder climate of San Jose. However, when the pandemic hit and my work became fully remote, I saw it as a chance to make that dream a reality. I made the decision to move to the Pacific side of Costa Rica, and let me tell you, it's a decision I have never regretted!

My ambition and entrepreneurial spirit have led me to take on role as the Sales and Marketing Manager for EquityKey Group, where I also oversee operations in the region. EquityKey Group shares customer-centric values, and I am thrilled to be a part of their team. I am determined to contribute to the growth and success of EquityKey Group. I truly believe that being customer-centric is not just a business strategy, but a way of life, and I'm excited to bring that mindset to my work with EquityKey Group.

When I'm not working, you can find me exploring the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica and constantly seeking new opportunities for personal and professional growth. I am grateful for the opportunity to live in a place that fulfills my dreams, and I am committed to making a positive impact in both my professional and personal endeavours. Here's to embracing new opportunities and chasing our dreams! Plus, I get to shoot amazing content for EquityKey's social media while exploring the breathtaking places in my beautiful country!

Daniela Rivera
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